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The Homestead Athletic Hall of Fame was the brainchild of John Chekouras.  John was a visionary in so many ways and recognized the importance of creating a lasting legacy to honor those who have contributed to the made such incredible contributions to our high school.  The implementation of this idea fell to Charlie Gross, Homestead’s athletic director at the time.  He took John’s idea and created this organization, which held its first induction on September 29th, 2007.  

There are three types of inductees in the Homestead High School Hall of fame.  Those who served as athletes, coaches and distinguished service members.  In order to be considered for induction athletes must meet an age requirement of 30 years and coaches must be retired. Individuals in the area of distinguished service can be admitted at any time.

There are four categories the Hall of Fame Committee uses to measure individual greatness of candidates:              

  1. Was this person truly dedicated to their sport? 

  2. How did they impact those around them?

  3. How did they perform when everything was on the line?

  4. Most importantly, did they treat others well?  It is important to note that failure in this category immediately negates the first three. 


Athlete: Ross Barrett-Class of 2003
Ross excelled in three sports (football, track and baseball).  He had the single greatest offensive season in Homestead baseball history, batting .595, with a slugging percentage of .905 and 0 errors at first base in 2003 when he was a unanimous first team all state selection as a senior.  An incredible leader, Ross had a legendary work ethic and was one of the most coachable athletes around.  He led the Highlanders to a WIAA State Runner-Up finish in 2003.

Athlete: Kara Cassidy Hamrin-Class of 1992
Kara helped Homestead’s girls soccer program rise to a dominant level in Wisconsin.  She was a team captain her senior year, but was a true leader on the team all four years she played.  Coach Connelly has described her as quite possibly the most versatile individual every to play here. Her willingness to do anything, including serve as team’s goalie demonstrated just how selfless she was.  She was a first team all conference player all four years in high school.

Athlete: Mike Gorman-Class of 1984
Described by Dave Keel as “one of the finest athletes I have ever seen", Mike could, and would do anything to help the team win.  Before statistics became commonplace in high school sports, he put up staggering numbers as a wide receiver and still holds the school record with 1,165 yards in a season.  Mike was a multi sport athlete, also excelling in basketball and track.       

Athlete: Michael Oxman-Class of 2002

Michael is one of the most celebrated divers in WIAA history, having placed third at the WIAA State Tournament his freshman year (1999), and then proceeded to dominate the sport for the rest of his time at Homestead, winning three consecutive state championships (setting the record for points accumulated at the time).  He was a four time All-American, and his success was as difficult to achieve as any at Homestead, because it was so specific in its demands.

Athlete: Sara Petric Unertl-Class of 2002

Sara is one of the most dominant freestyle swimmers in Wisconsin history, winning state titles in the 50 meter, 100 meter races and was a member of the 200 meter freestyle relay team.  More than 20 years after graduating, she is still the current Homestead record holder in those three events.  Mark Gwidt stated Sara is ”One of the kindest, compassionate and caring teammates I have ever come across. At the same time, she was an absolute assassin in the pool.”

Coach: Dan Benson (1987-2017)

Dan was a teacher, coach and leader within the athletic department for over three decades.  His track teams were responsible for 47 North Shore Conference championships (indoor, outdoor and relays), 13 WIAA regional, 5 WIAA Sectional and one WIAA State title (2010).  His style of coaching was calm, reassuring and confident.  He has embodied greatness for 30 years.

Coach: Dan Claussen (1987-2017)

Dan taught and coached for 30 years.  His cross country teams won 12 North Shore Conference championships, 11 WIAA Sectional titles and were WIAA State Runners-Up twice, in 1991 and 1998.  He was famous for being somewhat eccentric at the time, but everyone now knows that he was just ahead of the curve in the way he trained his athletes.  He also served as Dan Benson’s assistant in track and was responsible for 32 WIAA State qualifiers in his career.

Distinguished Service: Tom Price

Tom may be the most influential community member in the history of Homestead Athletics.  While he has made significant financial contributions to the high school, no one has devoted more of his personal time to Homestead.  He spearheaded the movement to renovate our outdoor athletic facilities and provide turf for the football field.  Tom also served as president of the Mequon-Thiensville Education Foundation  and was president of our community youth football, baseball and wrestling programs for years, sometimes running all three simultaneously.  He has served as an assistant coach for the basebal, wrestling and football programs. 

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