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Highlander Award Winners

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

lebrating The Achievements Of HHS Athletes

The Highlander Award was founded in 1981 by the Booster Club to help promote and support Varsity sports at Homestead High School. The Award was created to recognize the student-athlete for their character and leadership on and off the field of competition. Candidates of this award are first nominated by their coach, and recipients are than chosen by their team mates by secret ballot.

The young men and women who win the Highlander Award set examples for younger student athletes and help represent what is great about our our athletic programs. There are five criteria that each student athlete must meet in order for them to be considered for the Highlander Award and they are as follows:

  1. The candidate makes contributions to the team beyond his/her athletic ability

  2. Demonstrates positive leadership

  3. Displays appropriate attitudes, sets an excellent example on and off the field of play and is a role model for all student athletes

  4. Must be a positive citizen of the Homestead High School community, and

  5. Must not have any Athletic code violations during the current school year

Congratulations to all Highlander Award Winners!

2018-2019 Winners

Boys Cross Country: Kai Newman Girls Cross Country: Lindsay Miller Girls Golf: Olivia Rossman

Boys Golf: Ben Elchert Boys Soccer: Paul Hanson

Girls Soccer: Lizzi White Girls Swim and Dive: Esther Zelenovsky Girls Tennis: Grace Crowley

Boys Tennis: Joey Slicker Boys Volleyball: Nick Clemens Girls Volleyball: Katelyn Bliesner

Football: Emory Weeden

Boys Ski: Alec Hering

Girls Ski: Cate Heilmann

Gymnastics: Olivia Rossman

Wrestling: Ben Tamim

Boys Swim and Dive: Zach Teplin

Girls Swim and Dive: Esther Zelenovskiy

Boys Basketball: Michael Kennedy

Girls Basketball: Sam Crivello

Dance: Abigail Check

Boys Hockey: Pierce Stastney

Boys Baseball: Charlie Ravenelli

Girls Softball: Katelyn Kern

Girls Lacrosse: Anna Lalande

Boys Lacrosse: Andrew Brooks

Girls Track & Field: Ally Rilling

Boys Track & Field: Jared Schneider

2017-2018 Winners

Boys Cross Country: Messi Elgin Girls Cross Country: Addie Damron Girls Golf: Speedy Kent Boys Soccer: Jeff Skow Girls Swim and Dive: Lindsey Bjornstad Girls Tennis: Alyssa Boyer Boys Volleyball: Stevie Bresser Girls Volleyball: Heidi Hoffman

Football: Drew Wagner

Boys Ski: Sullivan Prellwitz

Girls Ski: Marisa Schneider

Gynmastics: Natalie Ceelen

Wrestling: Quinn Mobley

Boys Swim and Dive: Ethan Padgett

Boys Basketball: Adam Sadoff

Girls Basketbal:l Chloe Marotta

Dance: Mackenzie Kurtin

Boys Hockey: Jackson Katz

2016-2017 Winners

Boys Tennis: Tucker Gabriel

Girls Tennis: Katya Mikhailenko

Boys Golf: Max Pasher

Girls Golf: Anne Schlageter

Girls Volleyball: Heidi Hoffman

Boys Volleyball: Austin Jeffery.

Boys Soccer: Charlie Hanson

Boys Cross Country: Thomas Miller

Girls Cross Country: Katie Genhardt

Girls Swim &Dive: Talia Gottlieb

Boys Swim: Christopher Echardt

Football: Eric Zoeller

Dance: Meredith Clark

Gymnastics: Nat Brancaccio

Boys Ski: Cade Marshall Bowman

Girls Ski: Anna Laurnstein

Boys Basketball: Garrett Mitman

Girls Basketball: Emily Polk

Boys Hockey: Nathan Schimpf

Girls Hockey: Alexandra Buchanan

Wrestling: Jessie Zupke.

Baseball: Andy Scheer

Girls Softball: Sydney Aiello

Boys Lacrosse: Jack Westreich

Girls Track & Field: Allie Levin

Boys Track & Field: Zion Bullock

2014-2015 Winners

Boys Cross Country: Danny Knuth

Girls Cross Country: Becky Martin

Football: Ben Gust

Girls Golf: Anika Hitt

Boys Soccer: Bryce Counsellor

Girls Swim: Jackie Chang

Girls Tennis: Nicole Martin

Boys Volleyball: Max Raykov

Girls Volleyball: Margaux Wilson

Boys Basketball: Jaylen Key

Girls Basketball: Marciarae Harmon

Gymnastics: Tori Puhl

Boys Hockey: Adam Hobbs

Boys Ski: Jacob Heilmann

Girls Ski: Sarah Barr

Boys Swim: John Happ

Wrestling: Gage Zupke

Baseball: Mitch Sutton

Dance: Aubrey Wilson

Boys Golf: Charlie Maleki

Girls Soccer: Sophie Bradshaw

Girls Softball: Carly Schulz

Boys Tennis: Alec Schulz

Boys Track: Connor Hanson

Girls Track: Nia Feaster

Winter 2013 – 2014

Boys Basketball: Seth Cooley

Girls Basketball: Shelby Berlin

Dance: Lauren Nelson

Girls Gymnastics: Unknown

Boys Hockey: Michael Schultz

Boys Ski: Parker Lewis

Girls Ski: Kristin Boerresen

Boys Swim & Dive: Borja Morales

Wrestling: Zach Lennon

Fall 2013

Boys Cross Country: Liam Norman

Girls Cross Country: Sara Clarke

Football: Bryce Juedes

Girls Golf: N/A

Boys Soccer: Hayden Braatan

Girls Swim & Dive: Molly Zall

Girls Tennis: Andrea Rossman

Boys Volleyball: Zach Zimmerman

Girls Volleyball: Sydney Beckers

Spring/Summer 2013

Baseball: Benjamin Binversie

Boys Golf: Matt Mittman

Girls Soccer: Rosemary McDonagh

Girls Softball:Rachel Wiedenhoeft

Boys Tennis: Peter Affpelbach

Boys Track: Brett Geshke

Girls Track: Melinda Gayle

Winter 2012 – 2013

Boys Basketball: Luke Worthington

Girls Basketball: Jenna Burns

Dance: Julia Fleming

Boys Skiing: Nathan Miske

Girls Skiing: Susan Mayer

Boys Hockey: Adam Connolly

Boys Swim & Dive: Michael Foulkes

Wrestling: Sean Condon

Fall 2012

Boys Cross Country: None

Girls Cross Country: Ellen Erpenbech

Football: Riley Pelisek

Girls Golf: Lauren Olsen

Boys Socer: Adam Nelson

Girls Tennis: Sophia Lococo

Boys Volleyball: Adam Bodnar

Girls Volleyball: Bethany Hansen

Spring/Summer 2012

Baseball: Tim Wiencek

Boys Golf: Jordan Niebrugge

Girls Soccer: Madeline Bireley

Girls Softball: Rachel Behnken

Boys Tennis: Nikhil Ramnarayan

Boys Track: Stephen Sheperd

Girls Track: Alex Holtz

Winter 2011 – 2012

Boys Basketball: Nick Mueller

Girls Basketball: Hannah Young

Dance: Michelle Rokni

Gymnastics: Cori Sanduski

Boys Hockey: Aaron Sherman

Boys Ski: Kent Wisotzke

Girls Ski: Samantha Wolniakowski

Boys Swim & Dive: Gordon Goetz

Wrestling: Will Bomchill

Fall 2011

Boys Cross Country: Matt Hanson

Girls Cross Country: Mary Ellen Metzendorf

Football: Cody Berger

Girls Golf: Emily Sweet

Boys Soccer: Mike Skow

Girls Swim: Rachel Thomas

Girls Tennis: Michelle Levin

Boys Volleyball: Mike Boyles

Girls Volleyball: Katie Balistreri

Spring / Summer 2011

Baseball: Zach Krause

Boys Golf: Joe Tautges

Girls Soccer: Lindsay Jagla

Girls Softball: Amy Keel

Boys Tennis: Justin Kirtley

Boys Track: Doug Mueller

Girls Track: Keali Bjork

Winter 2010 – 2011

Boys Basketball: Dominic Wilder

Girls Basketball: Siena Mitman

Cheerleading: Jazmin Fowler

Dance: Samantha Sandlow

Boys Hockey: David Trebataoski


Boys Ski: Joe Heinrich

Girls Ski: Laura Podolske

Boys Swim & Dive: Sam Aeschbacher

Wrestling: Mike Kress

Fall 2010

Boys Cross Country: Eric Railsback

Girls Cross Country: Grace Meehan

Football: Max Vielmetti

Girls Golf: N/A

Boys Soccer: Nico Soto

Girls Swim: Mary Gabe

Girls Tennis: Corey Mattson

Boys Volleyball: Tyler Wiedenhoeft

Girls Volleyball: Madeline Sabec

Spring / Summer 2010

Baseball: Peter Fraaza

Boys Golf: Sam Abrahms

Girls Soccer: Mara Hale

Girls Softball: Sarah Block

Boys Tennis: Bryce Toburen

Boys Track: Brad Pelisek

Girls Track: Sarah Miller

Spring / Summer 2009

Baseball: No Record

Boys Golf: Steven Sullivan

Girls Soccer: Anna Strehlaw

Girls Softball: Courtney Hrkag

Boys Tennis: Jake Bodner

Boys Track Iam Walsch-Rynders

Girls Track: Dana Larson

Winter 2009 – 2010

Boys Basketball: John Laihinen

Girls Basketball: Katie Smigelski

Gymnastics: Katelyn Wright

Boys Hockey PJ Connolly

Boys Ski: Tom Kress

Girls Ski: Jenna Pavelec

Boys Swim & Dive: Erik Erlandson

Wrestling: Ryan Greve

Fall 2009

Boys Cross Country: Mike Richter

Girls Cross Country: Abby Kanyer

Football: Kurt Kaurmann

Girls Golf: Jessica Levine

Boys Soccer: Dillon Kelly

Girls Swim: Eva Schulties

Girls Tennis: Megan Geschke

Boys Volleyball: Will Ault

Girls Volleyball: Andrea Voss

Winter 2008 – 2009

Boys Basketball: Casey Barnes

Girls Basketball: Askley Stemmler

Dance: Karli Phillips

Gymnastics: Erica King

Boys Hockey: Sam Hobbs

Boys Ski: Leeland Verstegen

Girls Ski: Christina Ball

Boys Swim & Dive: Ben Bedore

Wrestling: Geoff Hilt

Fall 2008

Boys Cross Country: Jeff Gitter

Girls Cross Country: Jessica Burkhardt

Football: Ben Gardner

Girls Golf: Nicole Wescott

Boys Soccer: Kevin Hennick

Girls Swim: Megan Kittilstad

Girls Tennis: Jennifer Smith

Boys Volleyball: Ben Meyers

Girls Volleyball: Stacie Hoffman

Spring / Summer 2008

Boys Golf: Sam Huxley

Girls Soccer: Christine Ebinger

Girls Softball: Rachael Young

Boys Tennis: David Disabat

Boys Track: David Check

Girls Track: Brinya Bjork

Winter 2007 – 2008

Boys Basketball: Peter Meehan

Girls Basketball: Laurie Nosbusch

Gymnastics: Celia Lebesch

Boys Hockey: Jason Forciea

Boys Ski: N/A

Girls Ski: N/A

Boys Swim & Dive: Ross Kluczinske

Wrestling: Robert Gunther

Contact Information

Phone : 262-238-5677 (Homestead Athletic Office)

Email :

Address : Homestead Booster Club, PO Box 314, Mequon, WI 53092


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